Monday, February 26, 2007

Henderson gloats about Wand

The only man to hold two Pride belts at the same time, Dan Henderson was brimming with confidence at the press conference after the main fight at Pride 33 last Saturday. So much so that he played down the effect of the blows dealt by Wanderlei Silva, from whom he took the middleweight belt. “His punches didn’t affect me. I always came out smiling because I was thinking: ‘I’m gonna hit him harder next time because his counter-attacking punches don’t hurt me,’” said Hendo.

Shogun swears revenge

A likely first challenger for Henderson’s belt, Mauricio Shogun promised to recover the title that belonged to Wand for around five years: “I know Wand trained hard and it is clear today (yesterday) he did not manage to give his best. The belt will come back to Chute Boxe.”


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