Saturday, February 24, 2007


Robbie Lawler vs. Eduardo Pamplona

R1 – Lawler throws leg kick, falls to mat. Lawler gets takedown. Pamplona goes for guillotine. Lawler escapes, stands and throws a knee. Fight goes to the clinch, and pace slows considerably. Fighters exchange blows in clinch.

R2 – Blows exchanged, sweat flies to start the round.

Fight returns to the clinch. Lawler lands uppercut in close, follows it up with back-to-back hooks. Pamplona shows strong chin, secures takedown. Lawler controls Pamplona with butterfly guard. Lawler escapes, returning fight to feet. Lawler lands left hook to head, left kick to body and another left hook to head.

R3 – Lawler opens round with nice body kick. Fight back in the clinch. Lawler stuns Pamplona with left hook, follows-up with right hand, which drops Pamplona. Lawler continues punching Pamplona on the ground, landing two of them. Referee steps in to stop fight.

Winner – Lawler – KO (Strikes) Round 3 (1:36)

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