Thursday, February 22, 2007

Jorge Masvidal Chalks Up Another Victory

Talk the talk and walk the walk.

That’s been the modus operandi for Jorge Masvidal during his tenure with BodogFight. The 22-year-old Floridian - long known for running his gums prior to, during and after matches - moved his professional mixed martial arts record to an impressive 10-2 (2-0 in BodogFight) with an unanimous judges’ decision over Steve Berger in episode two of BodogFight: St. Petersburg.

After methodically picking apart Berger with a series of lightning-quick jabs and a ring savvy that belied his relative inexperience (his professional career is only three years old), Masvidal proceeded to remind the masses that his confidence is never lacking.

"This is just natural ability, man. Ever since I was fighting in the schoolyards, I’m just looking at the people, letting them know the hits don’t faze me," Masvidal explained with his usual post-fight braggadocio. "Even if I get hit with a good shot, you ain’t gonna see it."

To his credit, Masvidal didn’t need to deflect much punishment from a good Berger shot - given that there weren’t many landing throughout the fight. It appears as though Masvidal is now bearing the fruits of laborious time spent with David Avellan at Miami’s Freestyle Fighting Academy. His conditioning and quick feet make him a difficult target to lay a hand on, while his fast hands and superior boxing skills make him an accurate and surprisingly heavy puncher despite his lithe (5-10, 155 pounds) frame.

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