Wednesday, February 21, 2007

MMA Federation in Belgium is born

The unique 100% MMA Federation in Belgium is born... With the registered status of the association since several months, a specific insurance was missing to practice our sport, but now it's done.

This insurance covers all risks linked to the shooto practice everywhere in the world, but is also valid for the ADCC competitions and some other federations (more details very soon). Thaï boxing fights and ADCC super fights will also be programed in the next Shooto Belgium events so fighters can focus on some parts of the fight.

We invite all interested club to show themselves. For an annual contribution of 150€ (illimited members adhesion and insurance for 3 of them included), clubs will be recognized and helped in their evolution. Technical seminars, national trainings and referee seminars will be proposed to guarantee and improve the technical level of the instructors.

Fighters affiliated to a club will have the insurance for the price of 30€ by year. A 'Free member' mode is also proposed to freelance fighters at the price of 50€. This mode guarantees the same rights as the one of any other member.

Affiliated fighters will benefit of reduction for seminars participation and many more advantages. They will also be helped and integrated in the amateur and pro circuit of Shooto Europe. Many competitions are to come...(European Shooto Championship in june in Netherlands, Shooto Belgium 3 amateur Tournament in september 2007, competitions in Switzerland, Italy, Spain,...)

Don't hesitate to contact us for more information...



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