Monday, February 5, 2007

MMA Superstars Seminar Rescheduled for Feb 24th – 25th

Dear All

It came as a great regret when the MMA Superstars Seminar 2007 scheduled for February 10th - 11th had to be put back to February 24th and 25th 2007. There were two reasons for this was

1. Because at this present time Quinton Jackson has a sick uncle and he had to fly to see him

2. One of the official co - presenting sponsors Bodipro could not make the original weekend due to the companies equipment not being ready on time.

After much deliberation, I had no option but to ask Bodipro could they do the weekend of February 24th-25th 2007. this meant that I would lose Andrei Arlovski as he would be flying to Mexico City and Anderson Silva was having other business over in Brazil, so that was frustrating.

DC Sports Management Ltd

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