Thursday, February 8, 2007

Pé-de-Chumbo talks about ADCC & IFL

Winner of the national Brazilian selective of the category until 88kg, which decided the Brazilian fighter’s representatives for the ADCC 2007, Délson Pé-de-Chumbo is pretty confident about his victory at this event that will be held in May in New Jersey.

But, after start thinking about the ADCC, the black belt from Gracie Barra will face Mark Miller on February 23rd for the IFL, where he will defend the Pitbulls team, leaded by Renzo Gracie. “I am going to next week to fight the IFL by Renzo Gracie’s team. Maybe I will stay there to train for ADCC, or maybe I will come back, I don’t know yet”, said Pé-de-Chumbo in exclusive interview just after his victory at ADCC Brazil.


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