Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Paulao and Tigre in the gym

Paulão Filho wanted to fight at the Pride New Year’s Eve event; however, the doctors that operated on the meniscus of the Brazilian Top Team athlete's right knee at the end of November did away with any hope he might have had. Thus, the count from 2006 ends with four victories and frustration for not being able fight in the final of the Bushido event’s middleweight (under 93 kg) Grand Prix, the competition he was left out of also because of an injury, except to his foot.

If confirmed for the GP, the black belt will have the opportunity to settle one of the rivalries he has been collecting in the ring. Wanderlei Silva and Mauricio Shogun, of Chute Boxe, are in his crosshairs. The forecast is for him to return to training in the middle of January, which will provide the conditions for Paulão to fight in Pride USA, in February.

Until then, he will have to deal with lots of physiotherapy and rest, so that he will soon be able to apply the calf-crunch he teaches in our academy to his adversaries.

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