Monday, February 26, 2007

Post-Event Press Conference Held at the Thomas & Mack Practice Room

A Press Conference was held at the Thomas & Mack Practice Room immediately following Saturday's big event. All fighters, except those who needed immediate medical attention (Takanori Gomi, Nick Diaz, Wanderlei Silva, and Antonio Rogerio Nogueira), were in attendance.

Dan, now the champion of two weight divisions, made his speech in front a crowd of excited media crews, despite being pressed by the Athletic Commission to get his injuries treated. He claimed that he doesn't even feel a tad of pain. Dan explained that he was able to fight as planned. He didn't want to take Silva down in the first round, but rather wear him out with a ground-and-pound offensive. Silva's punches apparently did no harm, as Dan continued to fight regardless of Silva's attacks.

Dan asserted that he has gotten this far because of his training, and that this bout was the biggest match of his career. He carried on the fight, concentrating on what his body told him to do, and focusing on his own fight.

In his bout against Silva, Dan expected to do damage by pounding him at the ground position.

Dan stated that his team is made up of people who have been with him for many years, as well as new fighters, and that he would like to continue to grow as a team. He hopes to build up the organization as a team and continue training.

With many unanticipated results, including lots of KO's, PRIDE should indisputably have surpassed the expectations of the 13,180 people who attended the event.


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