Saturday, February 24, 2007

Pre-PRIDE 33 Interview With Diaz Trainer - Cesar Gracie

By Luis Cruz

This is Luis Cruz for reporting live from Las Vegas, the site of tonight's PRIDE 33 show. During yesterday's weigh-ins, I was able to catch up with Nick Diaz’s mentor, Cesar Gracie, to ask him a few questions about Nick’s move down to Lightweight and taking on Pride’s best Lightweight and champion in his first bout there. I’m joined by Cesar Gracie. Cesar, Nick Diaz has a big fight tomorrow night, his first fight in Pride and he’s going against the best in their Lightweight division, what do you feel are his [Diaz’s] strengths going into this fight with [Takanori] Gomi?

C.G.- I think it’s going to be a really good standup fight myself. A lot of people are expecting Nick to take Gomi down, you know because Gomi has the good hands and everything. Nick’s going to fight with what he wants to do and I think he’s going to stand with Gomi. If it goes to the ground, I think Nick has an edge I think he’s the better grappler. I think standing, styles make fights so we’re going to have to see what kind of fight is made with their two kinds of styles. I think both fighters are excellent and I’m looking forward to it. Do you feel Nick’s reach and height are going to be a big factor in this fight if it stays standing?

C.G.- It’s going to be a factor I think, somewhat of a factor. But I’m sure Gomi’s trained for that factor, so you know both guys are going to come in prepared. Do you think it’s a big risk for Nick to stand with him [Gomi] instead of taking it to the ground where he [Nick] is more schooled?

C.G.- It is a risk but fighting is a risk. You got to take to risks because in Pride, people want to see a war. I think that’s what we’re going to see, he’s [Nick] going to take the risk and we’ll see what happens. How was cutting weight for Nick Diaz, cutting down to 160lbs?

C.G.- It was actually a lot easier than I thought. He was 167lbs the day before he came out here and he was really lean, so I was concerned and that was after working out. But he made the weight, I got here and he was at the weight. He feels good and so happy he did it. Can you give us your prediction?

C.G.- Nick Diaz by knockout or submission in round two. Alright, thank you Cesar.

C.G.- Ok, thank you.


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