Tuesday, February 27, 2007

PRIDE 33 Exclusive Action Pics, News & Tons More

By Luis Cruz

“The Second Coming” has come and gone but what an impact it made. Pride FC’s second show in the United States not only delivered beyond my expectations, but it delivered to a point I would’ve never thought possible when looking at it on paper. If you are a gambling type person, this was your event to gold. I normally place some bets on fights I feel are good risks, but unfortunately I didn’t make it back to place my bets on this event.

While I would’ve won two out of the three, the payout would’ve been significant on what I was planning on laying down. Of course I had no idea of Dan’s dirty little secrets for the night, so those two outcomes were not expected in my view. I’ll quickly recap the results and give my take on how things played out.

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