Monday, February 12, 2007

PRIDE.33 "THE SECOND COMING" PPV commentator, Josh Barnett!

Current PRIDE FC PPV commentator, Frank Trigg, will be returning to the PRIDE ring for the first time in 7years. Josh Barnett has been selected to substitute Frank Trigg as special commentator for PRIDE.33 "THE SECOND COMING".
Here is the comment from Josh Barnett for PRIDE FC fans.


"I am really excited to come from the ring and get behind the mike for this upcoming PRIDE show in Las Vegas. I hope to bring my insight and expertise from 11 years of pro wrestling and fighting to the booth and most of all, entertain!

I have done some commentary before and have spent many hours in front of the camera and in the ring so I have no worries about being in the commentary booth. I will also look to other great commentators for inspiration like: "Mean" Gene Okerland, Gorilla Monson, Gordon Solie and Jim Ross.

It's going to be a fun time watching fights and hanging out with you fans. Make sure to bring some beers and I'll fire up the barbeque!"

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