Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Thomas Denny speaks on the postponed Gracie FC

Needless to say, Thomas "Wildman" Denny is unhappy.

He was scheduled to fight Nick Diaz earlier this year for Gracie Fighting Championships in Miami, but the event was postponed. Months of preparation went towards an event cancelled less than a week before fight night.

He was then rumored to fight on March 10th against Erik Apple for King of the Cage in Laughlin. That fight also did not come to fruition. His opponent for that card will be brawler Richard Solis, whom Denny has already beaten.

He was gracious enough to take a quick time out to talk to MMAFighting.com about his relationship with Gracie FC, his thoughts on Solis, and his future with King of the Cage.

Q: What have you been up to in the MMA world since your fight with Nick Diaz was canceled?
A: Man, eating a lot of junk food and staying as far away from a gym as possible. My couch when I get up has an impression of my body still, crumbs everywhere...

Q: I for one was really looking forward to seeing you lock it up against Diaz. What was your immediate reaction after you were told the fight had been cancelled?
A: Emotional wreck! I trained so hard for this fight. It was a great opportunity. I trained through Christmas, New Year's, some other things. I had no life for 8 weeks. I ate, slept, and trained Nick Diaz.

Q: Take us through your training regiment in preparing for a fighter like Diaz? Did you do anything special in your preparations?
A: Like I said I ate, slept, and trained Nick Diaz. I brought in southpaws and had them mimic every aspect of Nick’s game.

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