Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Torres fight team up to the challenge

HAMMOND | Along a cluttered floor of the Hammond Civic Center late Saturday night, a wayward student journeyed back to his teacher.

"I'll be back in school ... just don't hurt me."

The teacher, Miguel Torres, had just given and lesson and a hurtin' to Charles Wilson of Chicago while winning the Total Fight Challenge mixed martial arts 145-pound contract main event. The East Chicago native scored a third-round, triangle-choke submission after sustaining several knockdown kicks to the head during the fight's opening minute.

"You showed me something tonight," the student/fan continued. "You just didn't give us 30 seconds. You gave us three rounds. I got my money's worth. You want my pizza?"

Parts of Torres' battered visage looked like pizza.

"I wasn't planning to have to give that much," Torres said. "But no, thanks anyway (to the pizza)." After all, he didn't order it.

"You don't expect to be kicked in the face," Torres said of the fight's beginning.

Wilson stunned Torres and much of the crowd with two kicks that sent Torres to the canvas. But Torres became as pragmatic as Peyton Manning, and started "chuting" for gain control of Wilson's power leg. Soon, Torres had Wilson and a triangle choke and then a "blind" choke from the back before the bell sounded.

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