Wednesday, February 14, 2007

TV Review: BodogFight: St. Petersburg Episode 1

BodogFIGHT Season 2: St Petersburg opened with great fanfare and military theatrics, but ultimately failed to deliver a KO for viewers. Too much self-promotion and two lackluster fights were the defining characteristics of the St Petersburg premiere.

Ayre was careful to promote his BodogMUSIC label by using music from artists Soma City Ward, Neurosonic, The Heck, and Bif Naked.

Recording artist Bif Naked hosted the episode. She appeared disinterested and as a result lacked enthusiasm.

The show opened with an armored personnel carrier creeping up a bank surrounded by armed soldiers. As they approached a group of bystanders, who were targeted in crosshairs, a woman asks Rodrigo Damm, “What’s going on?” He replies, “I don’t know.” At this point the APC is almost on top of the group, who we can now assume are the season two fighters. The APC stops, the guards have their weapons aimed at the group and then, surprise! Calvin Ayre pops out of the APC and says, ”Hey guys, welcome to Russia.”

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