Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Injuries abound in combat sports such as MMA. It’s a forgone conclusion that almost any time a fighter steps into or out of the cage, one thing or another is going to be damaged.

So when a fighter sustains broken bones it’s not that rare, but to do so during the early portion of a fight and continue to go the entire scheduled three rounds, that’s saying something.

Such is the ilk of Cung Le student Jose Palacios. In his Main Event fight at this past Saturday’s Strikeforce: Young Guns event in San Jose, Jose suffered such an injury against opponent Miguel Linarez and kept on fighting, earning a well-deserved unanimous decision victory.

“It was my first fight to this magnitude, first time being a main event in an MMA event, and actually I broke my hand in that first round,” said Palacios of his Strikeforce debut. “I caught him with, if I remember this correctly, a right overhand and broke it right away.”

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