Friday, February 9, 2007


Saturday night, Joey Villasenor steps into the cage to face David Loiseau on the first ever mixed martial arts event to air on a U.S. premium cable channel. When EliteXC airs on Showtime (10 p.m. ET), Villasenor and Loiseau, two rising middleweight talents, will be fighting not only for the honor of MMA’s debut on Showtime, but for a shot to be considered among the best of the world’s middleweights.

In an exclusive interview with MMAWeekly, Villasenor talked not only about Saturday’s bout with Loiseau, but many other things. He suffered a very disappointing loss at the hands, or rather the knee, of Robbie Lawler on Pride’s U.S. debut in October. Losing is a rare occurrence for Villasenor and the loss to Lawler shook him pretty hard. He had to take a good long look inside himself and determine how best to come out of the tailspin.

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