Friday, February 2, 2007

Vitor Shaolin anxious to fight

'I still want to rematch Marcelinho'

In a visit to the GRACIE Magazine newsroom in Rio de Janeiro, black belt Vítor Shaolin said he is close to premiering in the K-1 Hero's rings. "I have no opponent yet, but I maybe called to fight in March or May. I'm well trained, I think things come at the right time and I hope people will root for me - I'll sure give my best," said Shaolin.

A standout in Jiu-Jitsu, MMA and submission grappling, the Nova União champion praised the promoters of the LutaCasada BJJ event on their idea, seriousness and investment: "It's a new event that the fight world must celebrate, because it's being done in a professional way and it may very well make those tough old-timers reappear in the gi. I myself was excited, physically well prepared, and I believed it was the right time to make a comeback; but I was unaccustomed to the gi-on game and I hurt my knee. Who knows, maybe I'll fight in the next editions," he said.

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