Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Who's faster, Mosley or Collazo?

By Karl Freitag

Both "Sugar" Shane Mosley (43-4, 37 KOs) and Luis Collazo (27-2, 13 KOs) maintained today that their speed will lead to victory on Saturday night their WBC interim welterweight title clash at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas. Collazo told reporters today that both his speed and boxing skills are superior Mosley's. "Not only faster, but more sharp," Collazo told Fightnews. "Mosley's a great boxer, but I believe I'm bringing more to the table right now....whatever he brings to the table I'm going to have answers for it and if the fight goes the distance, I will come out with a decision."

Mosley, of course, has different ideas. "I KNOW he's not faster than me," said Shane. "Let's all find out on Saturday who's the slickest, who's the wisest....I'm getting better and better and better and for some reason I'm getting so fast it's funny. It's scary to me."

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