Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Arona wants revenge Minotouro

Photo by Marcelo Alonso

In exclusive conversation with site TATAME, Ricardo Arona said that wants to revenge his team mate Rogério Minotouro, because of his defeat at last Pride Las Vegas for the athlete Thierry Sokoudjou. “I asked to face him. Minotouro is like my brother, I want to revenge him, I want to see how it will be against this guy”, said the BTT athlete, who also commented the bout of his mate Minotouro: “Minotouro was surprised. He didn’t have enough time to show his game. Sokoudjou was pretty clever and I think he already knew Minotouro’s blow”.

About the Wanderlei Silva’s defeat for Dan Henderson, Arona said that this is already the past. “I already won two times at my opinion. Now I will just fight him if he has this belt again or in some GP accidentally”, said Arona, who also said who he wants to face now: “I really want to face Dan Henderson and Shogun. But if I have the opportunity to dispute the belt of the category until 93kg, I would like to face Henderson , because I already defeated him. But I think Paulão is the man at the category until 83kg”, finished him.


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