Tuesday, March 13, 2007

UFC 69 Aftermath

By Jason "The Athlete" MacDonald

Hey everyone, Jason here! Just wanted to take a second and thank you guys for all your support! I just seen the doctor again and got my stiches out and my eye is fine. He said that I have a bad bruise and some broken blood vessels right on my eye ball and that is what caused me to lose my vision in the eye and is causing the pain I am still feeling in my eye. Let me be clear to all the haters out there,I did not quit! The fight was stopped because I could not see out of my right eye and my left was swelling closed. You try fighting Rich with half an eye! My corner stopped the fight for my own saftey! I'm not saying I wasn't rocked at the end of the round but I did not even know the fight was stopped! Another week of rest and it will be fine to get back training.

As for the fight. I am very disappointed with the loss but Rich fought a smart fight and is super strong and hard to take down. I expected him to be much more aggressive like in his past fights but he came out fighting super safe and not opening up with kicks and combinations like he usually does. I ended up chasing him all over the octagon trying for the take down instead of letting him come to me and open up so I could get the take down.

The one thing I was happy with was that I went out there and went after him and did not back down. There were allot of people saying Rich would knock me out just like Quarry. Well he hit me with everything he had and I continued to go after him and did not run away. It was a good learning experience for me and a good gauage of where I stand and what I need to work on.

For all those people that think my stand up is bad, you try fighting two very good left handed strikers. They are very hard to fight and have knocked out most of their opponents. My boxing is really pretty good. I train with some great pro boxers and do well aganist right handers. When I first got down to Jackson's and sparred with the guys they all said man your standup is way way better than we thought. I feel I will still beat 95% of the guys in the division right now and can not wait to get in there with a right hander. I'm hungrier than I have been in awhile to get back on track and show everyone that I am still one of the best in the division.

This fight was just a small step backwards after two big ones forward. Just like when GSP lost to Hugh the first time and than got a few more fights under his belt and came back to win the belt. I will do the same! Like George said, he was a bit intimadated because it was Matt accross the ring. For the first time ever I kind of felt that way looking accross at Rich but after being in there I should not have felt like that. This loss will make me a much better fighter and I will get right back on track next fight. Once again thanks to everyone out there who is supporting me and cheering for me and I will be back very soon!!


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