Wednesday, March 21, 2007


By Keith Mills

BodogFIGHT’s second pay-per-view called “Clash of the Nations” takes place April 14th in St. Petersburg, Russia. On the card the winners of the reality show that taped in December will face off, including Mike Brown vs. Rodrigo Damm. The reality show installments are airing on Tuesdays up to the pay-per-view with the fights archived on Bodog’s website. Mike Brown is the AFC 145 pound Champion and a UFC vet at 155. In December he defeated top ranked Yves Edwards by judges’ decision while Damm choked out Kultar “Black Mamba” Gil.

IN the archives are several updates with Mike including one that took place before the reality show started to air. Due to Mike’s non-disclosure agreement at that time he could not talk about the fights themselves and most of that update was his thoughts on BodogFIGHT and jumping back up to 155 to fight. Now we finally get to ask him about the fights themselves.

Mike trains with American Top Team in Florida.

KM: What do you think about fighting Rodrigo Damm on the pay-per-view show? MB: I think it is a good matchup for me as far as styles go. I think I have better standup, I’m a better wrestler, and my ground is probably just as good.

KM: How much of a challenge is he? MB: The dangerous thing is all of my losses have been by submission so it is a dangerous fight. I just think I train with so many good jiu-jitsu guys I feel good about it, that it is a good matchup.

KM: This one is at 155 but what are your plans after that, like your AFC 145 belt? MB: I’ll see what Bodog wants to do with me, if they want me at 155 or 145. I know they do have guys fighting at 145 now. I’d like to see what they want me to do because I’m happy either way. 155 is fun because I don’t have to cut the weight and 145 I’m more dangerous.

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