Sunday, March 11, 2007

'BJ vs. Urushitani for the Bantamweight World Title! Rumina Sato Back in Action!'

By Shu Hirata

Just five months after capturing the world title, BJ is putting his belt on the line against a number-one ranked Yasuhiro Urushitani in the upcoming March 16th Shooto show. BJ just defeated a former champ Mamoru in the Yokohama show in October of last year. Under the Shooto official rules, the champion can take up to one year before taking the title fight. Therefore, many fighters, after capturing the title, usually like to wait nine to eleven months but BJ believes, 'I enjoy taking risks and you learn more from it.' BJ even went far as stating that if he can maintain himself injury-free, he wants to fight in every Korakuen Hall show, and that is almost once a month.

For Urushitani, this is the first title fight since his last war vs. Mamoru back in December 2003. 'I waited for three years for this opportunity.' Urushitani met BJ once before in September 2005 and on that particular bout, all three judges called it a draw. BJ told the eporters, 'I don't actually care so much about who the opponent is. I just want to give everything I've got. Urushitani is an owesome fighter. He is a good opponent.' 'Honestly, I didn't even know who he was.'

Rumina Sato, back in mid February, talked to the fans after viewing the video of his next opponent, Augusto Frota Guimaraes. In November 2003, he was submitted by Kenji Osawa's head and shoulder lock but even though Frota came back with five wins in a row, he is far from being well-known among the Japanese fans. However, Rumina is being careful, 'I can't be looking down on my opponent. I got to watch out for that. I want to put up an exciting fight, and win with KO or ippon.' Rumina's goal still is to capture the world title but at the same time, he is fully aware of his age. His message to the fans was, 'I can not do that many more fights. Not that much left, so please come and see my fight.'


8th Match - Shooto World Bantamweight Title Bout 5 min / 3R
BJ (Japan / Katsumura Dojo) vs. Yasuhiro Urushitani (Japan / RJW Central)

7th Match - Lightweight Bout 5 min / 3R
Rumina Sato (Japan / roots) vs. Augusto Frota Guimaraes (Switzerland / Team Frota)

6th Match - Lightweight Bout 5 min / 3R
Hideki Kadowaki (Japan / Wajiut-tsu Keishu-kai Tokyo Headquarters) vs. Wicky Akiyo (Japan / Shooting Gym Yokohama)

5th Match - Featherweight bout 5 min / 3R
So Tazawa (Japan / GUTSMAN Shooto Dojo) vs. Masakatsu Ueda (Japan / Paraestra Tokyo)

4th Match - Flyweight Bout 5 min / 2R
Tiger Ishii (Japan / Paraestra Kichijouji) vs. Shinya Murofushi (Japan / SUBMIT Shizuoka)

3rd Match - Middleweight Bout 5 min / 2R
Yoshitaro Niimi (Japan / Tsudanuma Dojo) vs. Ivan Mussardo (Switzerland / Team Frota)

2nd Match - Flyweight Bout 5 min / 2R
Katsuya Murofushi (Japan / roots) vs. Tatsuya Yamamoto (Japan / North King Gym)

1st Match - Featherweight Bout 5 min / 2R
Kazuya Tamura (Japan / Mach Dojo) vs. Kousuke Eda (Japan / PUREBRED Kyoto)

Ticket Prices:
RS - 10,000 yen, SS - 8,000 yen, S - 6,000 yen, A - 5,000 yen
*500 yen more at the door

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