Sunday, March 11, 2007

Martin Kampmann Likes the Success at 185: Quick Q&A

Denmark’s Martin Kampmann is quickly moving up the UFC Middleweight rankings. After three UFC appearances, Kampmann is 3-0 with two finishes in the first round. Kampmann’s latest test came at UFC 68: The Uprising, when he choked out Miletich fighter Drew McFedries. After eating several blows from the southpaw, Kampmann landed some of his own and brought the fight to the ground and applied the arm-triangle-choke. It’s just another day in the office for Kampmann, who just gets better and better each time out to the octagon. Here is what Kampmann told ADCC News after his fight with McFedries in this quick Q&A.

ADCC: Martin congratulations on your victory over Drew McFedries. Talk about that fight and how hard does that guy hit? MARTIN: Thank you very much. I think it was a really good fight, I was in a little trouble in the beginning and I can tell you that he hits very hard (laughs)!

ADCC: McFedries looked a lot bigger than you, were you worried about him weighing a lot more that you come fight time? MARTIN: He was definitely big, but I knew he was a big guy when I took the fight so that wasn't really a surprise.

ADCC: Being a Miletich fighter, you were surprised at how well it was easy for you transition to the side choke? MARTIN: No, I suspected that his ground game was his weak point, so I'm happy it turned out the way it did and I got the win. I like the side choke it's one of my favorite moves.

ADCC: There seems to be some controversy surrounding the timing of your release of the submission. Some people say you left it on too long. Were you trying to make a statement or was it just the adrenaline? MARTIN: I was not trying to make a statement. I was trying my hardest to win the fight and when I got the choke I was squeezing all I could to get the tap out. He didn't tap out and that's what happens. I didn't know he was choked out. But I let go when Herb Dean was trying to separate us and I realized the fight was over. It's different when it's a fight than training.

ADCC: Did you suffer any injuries or medical suspension from the fight? MARTIN: No, fortunately no injuries this time. Only a black eye so I'll be back in training soon.

ADCC: Is there any chance of you moving down to 170-pounds any time soon? MARTIN: I've been considering it for some time but I won't make the change at this moment when I'm doing good at 185 (pounds). I'll hit the weights instead and try to pack on some more muscle for my next fight. You'll see a bigger, stronger, faster Martin Kampmann ready to kick some ass.

ADCC: So if you’re staying at middleweight, who would you like to fight next? MARTIN: I don't have anyone in particular I'd like to fight. That's up to my manager at to work something out with the UFC. Hopefully I'll be back fighting in June. That would suit me perfectly so I can take the fight and then spend some time in Denmark during the summer.

ADCC: Two opponents you may face also fought that night when Rich Franklin came back to fight Jason MacDonald. You could possibly be fighting Franklin soon. What did you think of his fight and a possible opportunity to fight him? MARTIN: I haven't seen much of the fight yet because I was busy warming up when that fight was going on. I'll definitely look into it. Franklin is and awesome fighter, he's the former champ, so you know your in for a fight against him. At this point there is really no easy fights so it's gonna be tough no matter who they match me up against.

ADCC: So what’s next for Martin? Are you going to take some time off or are you going write back to training? MARTIN: I'll spend a couple of weeks in Denmark and then I'll be back training in Vegas at XtremeCouture.

ADCC: Thanks again for your time Martin and do you have anything to say to your fans and sponsors? MARTIN: Thanks to all the fans for the support I appreciate it! Thanks my training partners in Denmark as well as Vegas, to shootersmma, to my sponsors, Sprawl, Punishment, Bad Boy, Knoxx, The Auto X, and Xyience.

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