Sunday, March 4, 2007

Hughes Defeats Lytle!!!

By: Brady Crytzer
Photos: Ed Mulholland

Looking to rebound from his November title loss to Georges St. Pierre, former UFC welterweight champion Matt Hughes scored an extremely one-sided unanimous decision victory over MMA veteran Chris "Lights Out" Lytle.

With confidence in his boxing evident Lytle began throwing combinations early forcing Hughes backwards. Not wanting any part of the stand up, Hughes shot in for a takedown immediately. Ready for the assault, Lytle quickly snatched a tight guillotine choke that forced Hughes to act. As Hughes changed positions, he found little success breaking the hold, and, after sometime became quite red in the face. As Lytle wrenched with everything he had his arms gave out and he released the hold. Hughes quickly reset in the side mount and began hammering down elbows.

As the Nationwide Arena began chants of "Go Matt Hughes!" Lytle locked in a head scissors on the former champion. With only seconds left in the round Matt Hughes secured an arm and straightened out the lock just as the buzzer sounded.

The second round began with a cautious Hughes ready to avoid any punches and quickly bullied Lytle to the cage. Once there Hughes put Lytle on the seat of his pants and advanced to side mount. Following another guillotine attempt, Hughes continued hammering Lytle with elbows and punches. Achieving the mounted position Hughes revealed a cut sustained above the right eye of his opponent. Out of nowhere, Lytle won over the crowd, sweeping the monstrously strong Hughes to his back. On his back Hughes went for a kimura shoulder lock and in the following scramble regained top control. As the second came to a close Hughes was once again in the side mount landing punishing blows. Looking to strike while he still could Lytle began the third with an off-target kick that allowed Hughes to score another double-leg takedown. To no one's surprise, Hughes moved to side mount where he smothered his man with elbows and punches. Remaining in the position, fans grew restless as referee Matt Methany did not see the need for a stand up due to lack of action. As the ten second clapper sounded, Hughes went for another eleventh hour arm bar which Lytle defended quickly. The volunteer fireman from Indianapolis, IN began raining shots from the top but it was too little too late as the buzzer sounded.

All three judges scored the fight 30-27 for Matt Hughes.

"Chris was very deadly on his feet," Hughes said. "I wanted to neutralize what he does and put him in positions where he wasn't comfortable. It didn't quite go the way that I wanted but I hoped to get a lot out of this fight."

"I asked specifically to be on this card so I could fight in front of my Midwestern fans."

Former title holder Matt Hughes advances his record to 43-5 while a dejected Chris Lytle falls to 32-14-4.

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