Saturday, March 31, 2007

International Fight League Wins Belt in Internet Television Ring

NEW YORK – In just one short month, the International Fight League (OTCBB: IFLI) has increased their audience size by an amazing 60 percent, the mixed-martial arts league reported today.

“The sport of Mixed Martial Arts, and the International Fight League model, is resonating more and more each week with both the male and female audiences through our efforts with our broadcast partners,” IFL CEO and co-founder said in the press release. “As we reach our one-year anniversary, all the numbers point to a very bright future ahead for the IFL, both in and out of the ring.”

Like all mixed martial arts venues, the IFL is beginning to draw in fans of all stripes. One IFL viewer (who wishes to remain nameless) was excited about the idea of team-based martial arts coming to the internet.

“The IFL is a wonderful idea,” the viewer told MN1 reporters. “It’s great, it’s on the cutting edge, because mixed martial arts is where NASCAR was about 10 to 15 years ago. It’s beginning to explode; the fighters are beginning to get paid more, and the audience is growing exponentially every month.”

Featured primarily on MyNetworkTV and hosting a weekly competition on the Fox Sports Net, ( the IFL describes itself as “the world’s first team-based professional mixed martial arts sports league” and offers its viewers the “best, most exciting, and fairest matches possible,” as taken from the league’s website (

On the MyNetworkTV Web site ( “IFL Battleground,” one of the IFL’s signature shows, has achieved record numbers in a mere three weeks. In addition to increasing their overall audience size by over 60 percent, the program has a three-telecast reach of more than 6.1 million viewers, the best first-three telecast number for any show since the MyNetworkTV launched last September.

As for its Fox Sports Net numbers, the IFL saw an impressive 24 percent increase in the 11 p.m. window traditionally held by other programming, along with a rise in viewers in all key male demographics.

Despite this impressive news, IFL stocks were down today, dropping 4.85 percent from $9.10 at open to $9.02 by midafternoon.


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