Thursday, March 29, 2007

Interview: Jeff Cairns

Jeff is the promoter of Full Contact Promotions/Gladiator Challenge in the San Francisco area. He is promoting the upcoming 3/31 show at Kezar Pavillion. For more information on this show or to obtain tickets call: (650)355-4327

How did you become a fan of MMA?
I was always a wrestling fan growing up....real and pro (though I guess the Pro wrestling is pretty real...can't fake falling off a 20 foot cage!!!!!) Wrestled in high school and 2 yrs college ( was JC but that still sorta counts, right???). Ordered UFC 1 on pay per view and was hooked from that moment on.

How and when did you decide to become an MMA Promoter?
When Cali legalized MMA I knew that if I could put on the first show in the San Francisco/San Mateo area....I could have a chance at being successful.

What is the most challenging thing about being a promoter?
Most challenging thing about this is constantly having to find fighters at the last second to fight. This is a hard sport and injuries happen....then you have to make sure that all fighters have their medicals updated....this becomes very expensive. Trying to organize myself to get somewhere is tough...try getting numerous fighters, all with different schedules, to different medical aint easy!!

How do you think your first show, "Malice at the Palace" which took place in September, went? What do you think succeeded well and what needed improvement?
Malice was a good event and we learned alot from it.....a big thing for me was that in the end....the local fighters sell the show. They are the guys/girls who will sell most of your tickets. It's very grass roots...we spent lots of money on radio/T.V/ print......on what we thought were our demographics. Talking to you is probably better for me then spending a $1000 to print our poster in the local paper.

How did you become associated with Gladiator Challenge and how does that association affect the upcoming show?
Our association with GC IS.....the owner Ted Williams was at Malice.....saw what 2 complete novices in the MMA world put together, and asked to have a meeting with us. My father and I figured having GC with us with all their experience and knowledge of the sport.....with their connections we would be in partnership with a company that does at least 50 MMA shows a year. Together we could really build something in San Francisco and beyond.

-What are your long and short term goals as a promoter?
My goals are to build up MMA in SF....and help develop all the local fighters in the Bay them a venue to develop their skills. And provide hard hitting action.


Rich/jeff cairns want to thank our team as well....Tracy Farrington, Eric Evenson, Dave Lee Bo Mirales, Drew Parenti, George Adkins and all the GC BOYS.


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