Saturday, March 10, 2007

Interview: K-1 Star Kultar "Black Mamba" Gill

By Eric Conor

Kultar Gill sports a respectable record. He admits that sometimes he is on and sometimes he is off, nonetheless, even at his worst, he always tries to put on an exciting fight. Fortunately for the fans, Gill’s fights are almost always exciting. In this interview, Gill talks about how MMA fits into his life, the types of fights he enjoys, his next opponent, and more.

Eric Conor: First off, thanks for taking the time to talk with us.

Kultar Gill: I appreciate it man, a lot.

EC: How did you get started in martial arts?

KG: MMA…uhh…it was back in the day when I was like 14 or 15, I wanted to be a Power Ranger, so I decided to do martial arts. I was watching Muay Thai on TV one day, and I wanted to be a ninja, so I started Muay Thai.

EC: How would you describe your style?

KG: My style is very explosive, powerful, and exciting.

EC: Alright, let’s dive right into your career as it stands right now. Your fights are always exciting, and you had a recent win over a tough Hideo Tokoro, yet you have had back to back losses to Uno and Damm. How do you explain the recent set back?

KG: Oh you know…I never make excuses. Sometimes you’re on and sometimes you’re off, and those two times I wasn’t on. You always have something going on when you lose, but I can’t make any excuses. They were the better men those days, and if I fight them again, I’ll beat them next time. And those two times I lost. A few mistakes I’ve made like giving up my back…but I don’t train as much…I fight at a very elite level right now fighting with K-1 Heroes. The competition I’m fighting with train six times a week two to three times a day where on the other hand I only train three or four times a week because of the fact that I work a full time job right now as a corrections officer.

So they have that advantage over me, but I don’t care, I’ll fight anybody in the world. The worst thing they can ever do to me is submit me, which I’m not scared of…I’m scared of getting knocked the fuck out or getting my head smashed in, and I don’t think that anybody can do that out there. So I’ll fight anybody, anytime, anywhere. The worst case scenario, I’ll be beating the shit out of them, they’ll go to the hospital or they choke me out and I’ll go get drunk…*me laughing*…both of us will win right there right?

EC: I was really upset that you lost to Damm and that Yves lost to Brown because I think a rematch between you and Yves would be amazing. Is there any chance Bodog will set that up?

KG: Yeah, Bodog…Bodog is a very good company. It’s actually a very, very well produced show. Uhhh, the way they treat us…they treat us like royalty. The only other people that treat us like this is K-1. And K-1 and Bodog to me are some of the top companies in the world as in how they respect their fighters and help them out.

I would actually like to fight a striker. I’m always fighting someone that is trying to take me to the ground right? And I don’t have that much time in my day to focus on my groundwork. You know four or five times of the week when I train, I can’t train in everything, so I train a lot of striking. I would love to fight a striker. If I fought Yves, it would be an awesome match for the audience and an awesome match for me. I would love to stand toe to toe with somebody and get knocked out or knock the other guy out. I like to make things exciting; honestly, I don’t call myself a fighter, I call myself an entertainer. So I’m there for the fans you know…they want to see me fight, I hope I get a striker because one of us will get knocked out. If I get knocked out…well not a big deal, if I knock the other guy out, well, it will be an exciting knock out.

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