Saturday, March 10, 2007

Uncensored Phil Baroni interview

With his fight against Frank Shamrock finally looking like it’s going to take place, Phil Baroni recently talked to about what he expects from it. Language gets nasty from this point on, so beware. With this guy, unlike Shamrock, things are always personal.

So when is the fight against Shamrock gonna happen? Is it all set? And why did it take such a long time?
It took such a long time because he is a scumbag. He didn’t honor his contract with Scott Coker and Strike Force by fighting for Show Time and the whole thing ended up getting pushed back. The guy is a jerk-off and he is going to get what is coming to him on June 22. That’s when the fight is going to be in his backyard in San Jose at the HP Pavillion.

How have you been preparing lately? Are you doing anything different for the Shamrock fight?
Fuck no, I’m not doing anything different. His ass better start doing something different. I’m not even training. I’m partying like it’s 1999.

How has your game been evolving? Do you see any mistakes in your latest bouts that you are working on, or do you see improvement on some aspects, or both?
I’m a Christian so I don’t believe in evolving. What you see is what you get with me. I’m coming to bang. I see a lot of mistakes every time I fight. And just like anyone I try to fix them so they don’t happen again. I think I’m getting better all the time. I better get better theses days – everyone is well rounded. Everyone at the top level is super tough.

This is what Frank told me months ago about the fight between the two of you: “Phil Baroni has decided that he doesn’t want to get knocked out by me, so he now has ‘personal issues’ that won’t allow him to compete. When Cesar was doing his things and calling me out, and trying to make a name for himself, Phil Baroni jumped on the bandwagon and tried to do the same thing: challenge me and say a bunch of stupid stuff that brought him some attention. So I did like I did for Cesar and called him up and said, ‘If you’re serious about it, I’ll put it together and make it work.’” Do you have any comments on that?
The guy is a fucking liar. He and Scott Coker approach me about the fight. I was always in their mind penciled in as the next opponent. They were trying to build Frank with my name. Every one knows the New York Bad Ass. I’ve fought in the biggest shows all over the world. Who the fuck knows that cock sucker! Everywhere I go people want to know me. People want to be around me take a pic. That dick don’t get recognized in the Seven Eleven around the corner from his house. Nobody cares about Frank. Nobody. So Strike Force decided to get me as an opponent that Frank felt he could beat to get his name out there. That’s the truth. I never liked the asshole, I wanted to break his fucking stupid face in 2002 when he started talking shit about me. Trying desperately to keep his name out there.

And that dick ain’t knocking shit out. Don’t make me laugh. Who the fuck has that punk KOed? He thinks he’s some kind of knockout artist. Since fucking when? That asshole will be the only one getting KOed. Face down counting sheep in his own backyard.

In your point of view, have things become personal or is it all just business?
It’s always personal.

Have you watched Frank's fight against Renzo, and has it given you any clue as to how to beat him?
I saw it. He is a dirty motherfucker, ain’t he? Im nothing like Renzo he is a BJJ black belt. There isn’t much I can take from that fight. Except when the going gets tough Frank gets cheating.

Just expect me to turn up the heat. I’m coming guns ablazing. It’s all or nothing for me. This is the biggest, most important fight of my life. In order for him to beat me he is going to have to kill me. And in order to be able to kill me he is going to have to be willing to die himself.

He don’t want it that bad. I can see it in his eyes. I’m knocking his ass out.


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