Friday, March 30, 2007

Iowa Senate votes to end regulation of extreme fighting

DES MOINES, Iowa The Iowa Senate has voted to end state regulation of extreme fighting. Supporters say the bill sends a message that the state isn't going to regulate such matches, and if a fighter gets hurt or dies, the liability is on the organizers.

The lead sponsor is Senator Bill Dotzler, a Waterloo Democrat. He says they've begun to realize the "real danger" of the sport.

Monte Cox of Bettendorf is a top manager and promoter of mixed martial arts competition. He says the state is making a big mistake.

He says the lack of regulation will be an invitation for unethical promoters to hold fights in unsafe conditions. That, he says, would increase the chances for serious injuries or deaths.

The Senate approved the bill 35-to-12, sending it to the House.


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