Saturday, March 24, 2007

Johnnie Morton Turns to Mixed Martial Arts

Former Lions, Chiefs and 49ers receiver Johnnie Morton has left football, and now he's giving mixed martial arts a try. My favorite part of the announcement, as reported by Larry Brown Sports, is what they're calling the event. This is how the press release starts:

FEG (Fighting Entertainment Group), ProElite and Showtime will announce "Softbank presents DYNAMITE!! USA in association with ProElite,"

Do the organizers of this event really think someone is going to call his buddy and say, "Hey, want to get together and go see Softbank presents DYNAMITE!! USA in association with ProElite?" And what's with the two exclamation points after DYNAMITE? Did they really think putting it in all caps and following it up with one exclamation point wasn't quite enough, and that they needed to add that one last exclamation point to make the difference?

Anyway, I would like to see this. I was always a big Johnnie Morton fan and I think mixed martial arts is a good landing spot after an NFL career ends. So, good luck, Johnnie. If you just pretend your opponent is Matt Millen, you'll do great.

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