Friday, March 9, 2007

Judo Medalist Kim to Fight Mo at K-1

By Kang Seung-woo

Former Olympic judo silver medallist Kim Min-soo of South Korea will face Mighty Mo of the United States Monday at the K-1 HERO’S in Nagoya, Japan.

According to the K-1 Web site, the American fighter, who knocked out Choi Hong-man at the K-1 World Grand Prix in Yokohama last week, will take on the other Korean fighter in Nagoya.

The HERO’S, a bout, composed of three five-minute rounds, will be conducted according to mixed martial arts rules, which allow ground attacks.

Kim, 31, who made his debut in 2005 and is 4-5 in the K-1, has recorded two victories and four losses at the HERO’S, where he fought against Bob Sapp, Ray Sefo and Sammy Schilt.

His last game was against Don Frye of the United States last October where he was knocked out in the second round.

Mighty Mo, 33, will make his HERO’S debut next Monday. He is known for his strong ground attacks which he developed during his wrestling career in high school.


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