Friday, March 2, 2007

Karate man puts them through it

By Jim Nicolson

ONE of the UK's top karate trainers was in Shetland at the weekend to hold a seminar for Shetland Budokai Mixed Martial Arts Club. The seminar given by Iain Abernethy concentrated on the practical applications of traditional karate kata such as chokes, throwing techniques, locks, stikes and grabs.

Sensei Abernethy has two fifth Dan black belt gradings: one from the British Combat Association and another with Karate England. He runs a martial arts academy in his native Cumbria and teaches around the UK and abroad.

In addition to writing for the UK's leading martial arts magazines, Sensei Abernethy has also written five books on karate and produced 20 instructional DVDs.

He said: "We covered a massive amount of material over the weekend and everyone did really well. The sessions were pretty long but people's enthusiasm didn't wane."

Club coach Neil Pottinger said he was delighted with the seminar.

He said: "We had been aware of Iain's work for four or five years and it has been our ambition for at least two years to get him up here to hold a seminar."

The well-attended seminar was also attended by members of Shetland Choi Kwang-Do International.

Mr Pottinger along with club coach Stuart Nisbet recently qualified as Open Circle Fighting Method (OCFM) assistant coaches following a weekend seminar with top international coach Russell Stutely in Coventry
They are the first coaches in Scotland to be registered as OCFM coaches.

For more information about the club contact Mr Pottinger on 01595 859326 or Mr Nisbet on 01595 692150.


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