Thursday, March 1, 2007

Kazuyuki Fujita To Headline PRIDE 34

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In “the PRIDE34” 07 year Japanese first conference Kazuyuki Fujita (36) = “Team JAPAN” Fujita office = appears with treatment of main class. President Hara Nobuyuki DSE Sakaki on the 26th, PRIDE34 which becomes 07 year Japanese first opening in American Nevada state Las Vegas (April 8th occasion cartridge SA) with you declared that Fujita participates. New Year's Eve victory of the incomplete combustion which “the man you celebrate and” with is favored to the partner. In the ace of the Japanese heavyweight the suitable partner also it became clear to be prepared in 07 beginning of the year games.

It rises to the ring where Fujita becomes the Japanese first game of 07 years PRIDE. As for field President Sakaki “the April case as for cartridge SA we would like to produce Fujita”, that those which are declared. Fujita has connected name in the participation candidacy player of 2.24 Las Vegas conference, full keeping, it becomes appearance.

 The last year when you have aimed toward catchweight GP conquest with July 2nd ROUND was defeated in [shiuba]. After that New Year's Eve “the man to celebrate”, after approximately half year appearance. [kurutanize] of PRIDE first game was lowered with 1 KO, but unsatisfactoriness was left.

 Field President Sakaki places big expectations in Fujita as an ace of the heavyweight which Japan is proud. “For a while you have gone to bed and, we would like to have doing the tournament which has theme”. Domestic first game revealed also the thought of uniting, the card of the topic characteristic sufficient such as great man and veteran as a treatment of main class of course.

 There is also a dream which stands in the American ring. While with PRIDE32 October 21st is first Las Vegas entertainment of last year, Fujita rising to the ring, pouring the cheer of the American fan, it appealed participation.

 “The following goal? Say that the belt and the crown are obtained. The mainly strong partner we would like to do even with 1 people”, that “the man to celebrate”, you finish and have declared. First to handle the tournament which has meaning in Japan, to the American taking the field of goal. Applying on Japan and America and, the beast exhibits the existence impression.

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