Thursday, March 15, 2007

Martial Arts for kids in Jordane

The Brazilian black belt of Judô and BJJ Samy Muhyeddin has a new project in his new land, Jordane. The BJJ professor, who lives in Amã city for three years, did begin a new project called as “Straight edge Fighters”, inside of the academy The Source, which has the objective to prepare amazing athletes. Samy traveled to and did visit the TATAME team and explained to us what he wants with this new project leaded by him and by the professor Tarek Kalimat. “These came from which means like preparing the best athletes. This is more than a simple project, this is a concept, a movement, we want to reach every kid of the country”, explained him.

The project has begun five moths ago and the success has been increasing a lot. “We have now 22 children, and there are still some kids at the waiting list. Our next step is bringing this project for the poor kids of the Jordane; kids there are living in Palestine camps. We want to support them 100% with the sport”, guarateed the excited black belt, who also commented about the main goal of this project under the country: “We want to reach the whole country, I want to educate them, their culture. The children and oung people in Jordane smokes a lot, they watch much television, they don’t have a healthy life and I think the BJJ and the martial arts are a great way to change it”, finished him. To kow more nformation about the project and the academy in Jordane, contact themn by the phone 962-79-5644402. Check out the complete interview with Samy Muhyeddin tomorrow here at site TATAME.


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