Tuesday, March 13, 2007


By Stash Capar

On March 25, the Italian city of Milan, best known as a major fashion mecca and home of Armani, Bugatti and Prada, will host a different kind of event, one that has nothing to do with catwalks (although there might be some weight-cutting involved).

New Generation Tournament II has announced a nine-fight card featuring fighters from the camps of Enson Inoue – a Shooto, UFC and PRIDE veteran - as well as UFC 2 veteran Remco Pardoel.

The card as it currently stands:

Luca Zottarelli vs. Ahmed Chaidi
Alessandro Carapezzi vs. Hlias Datiras
Massimo Testa vs. Tom "Houdini" Osting
Cristian Binda vs. Jordy Peute
Francesco Ligato vs. Marco Santi
Imad Barakat vs. Carlo Massara
David Haagsma vs. Laurent Bonnafaux
Paul Jenkins vs. Alikhan Iskhabov
Pat "Gori-Chan" Ayuyu vs. Andy Miles

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