Tuesday, March 13, 2007

PRIDE 34 - Kamikaze - Card Update

By Okami

Pride have finally released names for Pride.34. The names are:

Mark Hunt, Josh Barnett, Kazuyuki Fujita, Minowaman, Zulu, Sergey Kharitonov, Wanderlei Silva, Denis Kang, Makoto Takimoto, Butterbean

But as we have seen for the last couple of events, you should take Pride's fighters announcements with a grain of salt.

If we add these to the previous rumored card this is how it looks right now:

Ricardo Arona vs. Sokoudjou
Sergey Kharitonov vs. Gilbert Yvel
Kazuyuki Fujita vs. TBA
Josh Barnett vs. TBA
Mark Hunt vs. TBA
Wanderlei Silva vs. TBA
Denis Kang vs. TBA
Makoto Takimoto vs. TBA
Minowaman vs. TBA
Hidehiko Yoshida vs. TBA
Zelg Galesic vs. TBA
Jon Olav Einemo vs. TBA
Zulu vs. TBA
Butterbean vs. TBA


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