Thursday, March 1, 2007

More from Matt Hughes

By Dave Doyle

Extras from my one-on-one interview with Matt Hughes:

On raising a family: I've got a seven-year old boy and a seven-month old girl. When Joey was little, every time we went to Wal-Mart I'd get him lots of stuff. But (now that he's making big money) I'm going to make sure my kids grow up knowing the value of hard work. We went through a bankruptcy on the farm when I was a kid. You don't really understand it at that age, but when you're an adult you grow to appreciate the things your parents did for you. So now, we give Joey rewards when he brings home good report cards and when he does all his chores. The rewards are nice now because we have more money, but we have to balance that with making sure my wife and I raise the kids right.

On maybe going up to middleweight eventually: That's on the back-burner for now ... but I'll tell you what, what I saw in Anderson (Silva)'s title defense against (Travis) Lutter makes me think I'm a pretty good matchup for him. Travis one the first round and just made a couple mistakes in the second and got caught. Silva deserves credit for the way he pulled that one out, but what I've seen from him makes me think I'd match up well with him.

On whether he's watched tapes of the GSP fight yet: I haven't watched it yet. I can tell you this, I've played the fight in my mind again and again and even there I can see the mistakes I've made. For now I am just worried with this fight, but when the time comes I'll break the tape of the fight down.


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