Thursday, March 15, 2007

Mosley: I want Floyd next!

By Brad Cooney

WBC interim welterweight champion Sugar Shane Mosley says he wants a piece of Floyd Mayweather Jr. after his Golden Boy Promotions partner Oscar De La Hoya gets through with the 'Pretty Boy' on May 5.

"I am looking at Floyd Mayweather Jr, and win lose or draw against Oscar De La Hoya, I think the networks want to see me and Mayweather Jr go at it," says Shane. "Whatever I have to do I am ready for that fight."

There is a pending welterweight showdown between Zab Judah and Miguel Cotto on the horizon for June 9th, as well. The winner of that fight could very well figure in Mosley's future. "That's a fight that makes sense too," says Shane, "but I think if it goes that long, I will end up in the ring with Mayweather Jr for the next fight. That's the fight that the networks want."

After two impressive wins over Fernando Vargas in 2006, Mosley delivered a dominant performance against ex-WBA welter king Luis Collazo in February. He looked like the Shane Mosley that we saw in the mid to late 90s, very smooth, very fast, and power as needed.

"I think that I did pretty good considering he is a good southpaw, and he is pretty quick," commented Mosley about that fight. "I am a veteran, and I showed my veteran skills, and did my thing." The win was topped off by an 11th round knockdown of Collazo, which proved that Mosley, who had been fighting at junior middleweight since 2002, could drop back down in weight and still have success, "I did my homework on this guy, I studied his technique and how he throws punches. I watched his fight with Ricky Hatton, so I saw his style of fight."

So what does the future hold for Mosley? For the immediate future he won't be fighting Floyd, but he'll get some experience imitating Floyd's style as De La Hoya's chief sparring partner in Puerto Rico.

One thing is for sure, the 35-year-old three-division world champion doesn't plan on hanging up the gloves anytime soon. "I am keeping myself in shape," he says. "So whenever I get the call to go, I will be ready."

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