Friday, March 30, 2007

Nova União back competing at CBJJ

Photo by Marcelo Alonso

The leader of the Brazilian team Nova União, André Pederneiras, announced this week that the Nova União team is back t compete BJJ by the Brazilian BJJ Confederation (CBJJ). The team was four years without competing by the CBJJ organization, and then now they will be able to live again some historical confrontations that were held at the first editions of the World Championships, especially between the light fighters of Nova União and Gracie Barra teams.

“We already did our contract with the Confederation and we will be back fighting under their events, we will fight already at the BJJ World Championship in August. We will have a meeting to know which athletes will be competing there and how we will get some sponsorship for them to be able to go to ”, told Dedé Pederneiras.


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