Monday, March 12, 2007

Reminder: IFL Battleground Premieres Tonight

The International Fight League is the world's first team-based mixed martial arts league. In each team contest, two squads of five fighters -- each trained by a veteran coach -- compete in individual bouts across five weight classes (155 lbs., 170 lbs., 185 lbs., 205 lbs. and 265 lbs.). The team that wins at least three of these five matches gets the victory, with the top four teams at the end of the regular season moving on to the playoffs. The postseason culminates with the World Team Championships, pitting the league's two best teams against one another with the IFL Championship Ring on the line.

The IFL is the first organization to bring team competition to this explosive new sport, and the reasons are fairly simple: though each bout is ultimately decided by individuals, it is the strength of the team that shapes the fighters. The teams are a source of motivation and guidance, and a fighter is only as good as his training. MMA teams have existed since the sport's inception, and fans have argued over which fight team is superior for years. The IFL is the first organization to answer those questions in the ring.

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