Monday, March 12, 2007

Victory! But At The Cost Of Injury

By Okami

Denis Kang defeated Junggyu Choi yesterday in South Korea to retain his Spirit MC title. But his win came at the cost of injury...

Play by play of the fight by bruceleroy:

Bout 16: Heavyweight title match
Denis Kang (American Top Team) vs. Jung-kyu Choi (Unaffiliated)
92kg 92kg

Round 1: Kang lets Choi know what a real low kick feels like several times and Choi answers with his own. Kang takes Choi down with ease and catches his back. Kang looks like he’s taking it easy on Choi until the bell rings.

Round 2: Kang throws the right then takes Choi down again where Kang sinks in the kimura. Choi escapes the submission to his feet where he goes toe to toe with the PRIDE veteran. Choi is left bloody. Choi is obviously frustrated and tries the high kick and the reverse spinner. Kang works power low kicks to Choi’s thigh. Choi is tired and already looks beaten. Kang front kicks Choi in the face twice. Choi who is known for his ungodly chin actually taunts Kang. Kang gets a monster takedown, catches Choi’s back again, and finishes out the round comfortably.

Round 3: Kang opens with 3 jabs that rock the challenger’s head back. Kang performs a double-leg that should be a lesson for all of us rank amateurs. Kang gains side control and brings knees down on Choi’s head and ribs. Choi has nothing left but the fighters are stood. Kang finishes with more super-stiff jabs.

Judges decision: Kang

Unfortunately, the very exciting Kang has re-injured his hand. He fought at Spirit MC Interleague 5 on March 11th. He may be out until September. Let's all hope for a speedy recovery so we can see him back in action.


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