Saturday, March 31, 2007

Statement from bodogFIGHT re: Dynamite Press Conference

Bodog Entertainment is a global digital entertainment company and we are constantly looking for business opportunities that provide first-rate entertainment to consumers. Bodog has communicated with many organizations in the past including K-1 / FEG, but we have not entered into any agreement with K-1 / FEG. Hence the Bodog name was not mentioned in the press kit distributed at the K-1 / FEG press conference in Los Angeles on March 27th.

At this point, the only official announcement we have is that bodogFIGHT merchandise sales in Japan will begin on April 27th, 2007, at the MMA show promoted by Pancrase the affiliate of bodogFIGHT in Japan. All bodogFIGHT merchandise will be available at Pancrase shows, Pancrase official gyms, on the Pancrase home page, and in selected retail stores in Japan. We have more plans for the Japanese market in the future, and our collaboration with Pancrase is an important global alliance which we are building for the future of MMA.

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