Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tear with NCFA / Tyson Griffin

In a statement delivered last night by NCFA founder, David Terrell, it was confirmed to graciefighter.com that UFC fighter, Tyson Griffin, is no longer representing Terrell's team and is no longer a part of the NCFA academy.

David Terrell's absence was noted at Griffin's last UFC appearance where he suffered his first defeat. "He didn't train at all with us for that fight so why would we corner him. Win or lose we wouldn't have been responsible."

Senior members at NCFA stated to us that "Tyson became a different person after he moved to Vegas. It's as if he became starstruck and went Hollywood on us. Couture himself left his old team and the rest of his life behind in Oregon and apparently is ensembling a school of guys like him."


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