Thursday, March 15, 2007

The TSUNAMI is coming!!!

By Peter Angerer

Dear fellow Martial Artists.

In December 2004 a big Tsunami hit Southeast Asia and killed app. 300.000 people in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Indonesia and India. Now, three years later, the media and the public has started to forget. We haven't! The people in these areas are still suffering and this is why we have initiated the 'TSUNAMI Fighting Championships' in Germany.

In short
Two days, four events in one big event, all income of ticket sells for this event will go directly to the Red Cross to aid the victims of the Tsunami

In detail
On June 30th and July 1st 2007 Shidokan Germany ( will host one of the biggest Grappling- and MMA-competitions so far in Central Europe. After hosting eight editions of the infamous 'Ultimate Grappling Challenge' ( we have the knowledge and manpower to establish one of the toughest No-Gi competitions all over the world. Besides the Grappling competition there will be also a World Amateur Grand Prix in MMA and an international Knockdown Karate Championship (German Shidokan Open). The event will be highlighted by an international MMA Pro event 'Fists of Fury 4: Rebirth!' (, which will feature 12 MMA. All news and infos about this event can be found at

What can you do?
Besides competing in a world class competition for all levels? You can help us to help the victims! Spread the word about the competition, link the Tsunami website on your website or post the official tournament statement on your news sites and forums.

'The 'TSUNAMI Fighting Championships' will bring the 1st Open World Championships in Submission Wrestling of Shidokan Germany to the city of Stuttgart. Additionally there will be the 1st World Amateur Grand Prix in MMA and the 5th German Shidokan Open in Knockdown Karate at this event. So this event will showcase different aspects of the Mixed Martial Arts in one big event, which will aid the victims of the horrible Tsunami disaster in 2004 (read more about it here).

After multiple successfull international tournaments and galas of Shidokan Germany, e.g. the annual Ultimate Grappling Challenge and Fists of Fury we have decided to take the sport one step further in central Europe and host the biggest Grappling- and MMA-Tournament so far in our country. Champions and veterans of high class international shows as PRIDE, ADCC, UFC, Shooto Japan, Pancrase Japan, King of the Cage and many many others have competed so far in our events!

You will find all necessary info about this event here [109 KB] in our info package, plus you can read all additional info here on our website. We have also added an online registration form for each discipline in the info section of this website, so you can easily register online to compete.'

ALL income of ticket sales for this event will be collected by the Red Cross (official staff) and will be used to aid the victims of the big TSUNAMI in 2004. So it's not about the big Dollar for the promoter but about to help those who suffered dramatically. We hope we will find your support in any way, either as a competitor or as a supporter/sponsor. Your help and support is not only appreciated by us!

What will we do?
Shidokan Germany runs international competitions now for 10 years and we have gathered the needed experience to host a Championship of this size. We will offer athletes of all levels the opportunity to fight in a world class competition with international media coverage. Four mats, one ring, a fantastic venue in the heart of the state capital Stuttgart with a very good infrastructure will give you a great time in Germany! All infos concerning hotel, the city of Stuttgart, the location, the rules, schedule of event etc. can be found on our website at

Do you want to support or sponsor this event?
Of course we need help and support of the community to make this event a success!If you want to be part of this beneficial event in any way please contact us at and we will get in touch with you. Any help is much appreciated!

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