Tuesday, March 20, 2007

TUF 5 Quick Shots: 20 Basic Questions with Allen Berube

By Robert Cheshire

Haven’t heard of Allen “Monstah” Berube? If this interview is any insight into his personality, then he won’t go unheard of for long! Allen is one of the fighters from TUF 5 who took time to answer my “basics” questions. Catch him on The Ultimate Fighter 5 on Thursdays at 10:00 EST beginning April 5.

1. Name: Allen Berube

2. Do you have a nickname? Monstah

3. Place of birth: Biddeford Maine

4. Birthday: 8/26/74

5. Fight Record: 2-1

6. How long have you competed in MMA? 1 year

7. How did you get started in competing? A friend of mine was fighting and I had gone to the show. I own a restaurant in Tampa, Florida and figured if I got into the ring and fought I could market my restaurant to the crowd and pick up some customers. I ended up having a blast in the ring and the crustacean sensation was born!

8. Who do you train with? Rob Kahn - Gracie Tampa

9. What is your favorite UFC moment? My second favorite UFC moment (Robert: first will be posted after the season starts) GSP over Hughes

10. What is your favorite TUF moment from the previous seasons? When Matt Serra gets defensive against Marc Laimon for talking crap about Royce.

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