Sunday, March 4, 2007

Well...This is pretty cool :)

Top 1500 Sports blog list...#1 !! :)

Thanks to "Necromancer" for bringing it to my attention...I gotta go get my hat size increased now, and pat myself on the back for awhile...:)

(Click Here To See For Yourself) and then vote for me by clicking the vote button below!...:)

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On another note, if anyone wants to hop on the bandwagon and swap links...Here is a banner you can use to link here...

Once you put it up, show me where it is, and I will repay the favor by adding your banner here.



Bloody Knuckles said...

Congrats Evil! your the man and it was just a matter of time. Nobody supports the sport like you do. But it is pretty impressive to shoot to #1 in your first month of opperation!


Ricco said...

To hit #1 on that site in your first month is amazing! Congrats Evil!