Saturday, April 7, 2007


By Mick Hammond

When the IFL was first formed, it was clear that it could be a gateway for up and coming talent to get their first big break in MMA. Fighters such as Chris Horodecki and Rory Markham have gone from local fan favorites to nationally regarded fighters thanks to their involvement with the promotion.

Along with the young fighters making their mark in the IFL, an interesting occurrence of veteran fighters experiencing something of a rebirth has also come from the promotion. Vets such as Vladimir Matyushenko and Allan Goes have been given a second opportunity at stardom, and so far they’ve flourished with it.

For Goes in particular, his involvement with the IFL has swept away years of rampant rumors of medical problems and personal demons, leaving him rejuvenated with a fresh outlook on life, both inside and outside the ring.

Recently Allan took time out to speak to MMAWeekly during his preparations to be part of the Maurice Smith-coached Seattle Tiger Sharks’ attempt to get back to their winning ways against the Chicago Red Bears, coached by Igor Zinoviev, at the IFL’s event Saturday night in Moline, Illinois.

MMAWeekly: First off Allan, we’re just a few short hours from your fight against new Red Bear Homer Moore, how are you feeling?

Allan Goes: I feel really good. I’m ready to rock, because like I said before, I’m a very experienced guy, [and] I’m just having a blast right now fighting for the IFL. For me it’s a blessing just being back in the ring fighting for the IFL.

I’m in the best shape of my life, and when I fight, I have fun…I don’t fight anymore; I just have a good time. What I do in there [the ring] is have a good time. For me, who fights are the boys in Iraq, they are really fighting over there; here we’re just having a good time [here in the IFL].

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