Friday, April 6, 2007


By Luis Cruz

Brock Lesnar is gifted athlete. His credentials speak for him. He's a former NCAA amateur wrestling champion, professional wrestling Heavyweight champion in WWE and came up just shy of making a spot on the Minnesota Vikings NFL football team. With mixed-martial arts taking off and becoming a viable option to Lesnar as a way of earning a living, Lesnar no longer has to consider returning to the insane traveling schedule that comes along with being a professional wrestler. It's an avenue to take the wrestling skills he's accumulated across nearly twenty years and further it into a career in combat sports.

On Saturday, June 2nd at the L.A. Memorial Coliseum, Brock Lesnar will do his part to help try and pack a building that seats nearly 100,000 people as he makes his debut as a MMA fighter. He'll be clashing with the 7'2'' kickboxer Hong Man-Choi in the semi-main event of the K-1 debut MMA show in the United States, which now has backing from Elite XC (and Showtime), Strikeforce and Cage Rage.

Luis Cruz of This is Luiz Cruz of and I'm joined by the new MMA phenom, Brock Lesnar. Brock, what's up man?
Brock Lesnar: How are you doing? I'm doing good.
Brock Lesnar: Let's not call me "phenom" quite yet, [or] until this first one is over with! [Laughs] Hey, you're a beast dude. I'd call you a phenom. Now, before I get to MMA at all, I just have two quick questions for you about pro wrestling. The first one, a lot of fans wanted to know: Is Vince McMahon really as asshole to work with?
Brock Lesnar: Ah, well, no. I mean, Vince is the boss, you know? I made a lot of money. He runs a tight ship up there and he does what he has to do to run his business, and that's pretty much that. Alright, and the second question I have is, knowing him a little bit as a businessman, do you think he would actually dip his hand in the MMA bucket, try to maybe start a promotion or anything?
Brock Lesnar: I think if he was smart about it, he would do it. But you know, I think... I think it would be a wise choice for him to do that, MMA is exploding you know? It's big-time, but then again Vince McMahon is good at promoting wrestling, and I don't know if he could promote anything other than that. Alright. Now let's go ahead and move on. When did you become a fan of this sport?
Brock Lesnar: I've always been a fan of it. Since the first UFC, you know? I've always been watching just as everybody else was. I watched Royce Gracie create the legacy he created, and Ken Shamrock, Don Frye... all these guys that started the pavement for... to you know, started to make it is where it is today.

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