Thursday, April 5, 2007

Roan Carneiro talks of UFN victory

BTT black belt, Roan Carneiro has easy debut in the octagon

Still pumped up from his fight, the black belt Roan Carneiro responded with a smile to the congratulations offered to him by the reporter. Quick with the hook, he commented on the action from the beautiful victory, obtained against the experienced Rich Clementi (24w, 12d, 1e) at UFC Fight Night 9, earlier this evening, at the The Pearl casino, in Vegas.

"I used my Jiu-Jitsu well, I just didn't get the guy. Really, the only reason I think I didn't finish him is because I was weak from the diet. But fighting in the casino was too cool, the UFC is an awesome show. I'm even getting adapted, her I am not "Jucão", I am Carneiro; they call me Carneiro, I'm stoked," he says playfully.

Roan highlights the best moment of the fight: "It was when I got him with a hook and he fell. From there I went into his guard. If I had waited I could have knocked him out... But the guy is truly tough, I sunk some moves on him but they didn't hold. Now I have to keep training my ground fighting, I want to get ready for my next fight here at the UFC, and move up the ranks the way I am planning to. I saw some good fights today, good Japanese guys against tough American, I want to fight those guys."

On the presence of Minotauro in one of the front rows, Jucão, or Mr. Carneiro says: "Having Minotauro there is always extra encouragement. He still has not lined up his next fight, though."


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