Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Sokoudjou speaks about Arona

The Cameroonian wants revenge for Dan Henderson

If there are those that think Ricardo Arona will take revenge for his BTT teammate Rogério Minotouro in the fight against Rameau Sokoudjou, set for Sunday, in Japan, the same thirst for vengeance consumes the Cameroonian judoka, slayer of Minotauro’s brother at Pride 33.

“He might think he's coming to avenge his teammate [Nogueira], but he doesn't know I'm coming to avenge my master, my Godfather in MMA. He thinks he's coming for revenge; I got news for him: I'm coming for a bigger revenge,”said Sokoudjou, referring to Arona’s win over Dan Henderson, the African’s mentor at Team Quest, in April, 2002.

With the provocation out of the way, Sokoudjou assumed a tone of respect as he spoke of his Brazilian opponent: “He's a pretty big, strong guy. He's also a good fighter. I know he's won Abu Dhabi; he's a jiu-jitsu expert. I used to watch him on PRIDE on TV, but now I have a chance to fight him on the ring. He hasn't fought for some time, so maybe he's working on some things. All I know is I gotta bring my game up that day. I'm just excited about the fight.”


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VT said...

This should be a great fight, looking forward to this one, it's probably the best card out of the bunch...I'm thinking that the African Assassin will come up with another upset.